The craze of the simulation category game is still the same; people are in love with playing this type of game. The Sims FreePlay is also one of them; Electronic Arts is the developer of this game. The game is having a lot of serve the players which led that millions of players are in love with playing it. it even offers the in-app purchases which simulate the importance of having with Sims FreePlay Cheats resources introduced in this game play. The game runs seamlessly on the Android and IOS based platforms.

What’s new in this game?

In case you are looking forward to the question that what makes the game better in the comparison of other or what is new in this game then below stated points can serve you the best answer to your question. The game has worked on the tropical love in this gameplay the latest update. It let the gamer to enjoy all this –

·         Get a part in love and the finest treasure discovery quest

·         Gamer has full right of designing the tropical getaway according to their preference in addition to the treasured island.

·         Opportunity to unlock the finest exotic beaches, bungalow, and house

·         Offer to play cupid in addition of the flirty animations similar to the splash in the sea, coconut drinks, etc.


Most of the people are curious to know about the gameplay, here are few points which can help the person to understand more about the game. The player needs to focus on the creation of the unique Sims and establish the dream property. One done with it, all the controls are with the gamer, they can set the things they want. The best part about the game is that it allows the gamer to customize the appearance of their Sims in different outfits.

The characters can fall in love, get married to them and get their family counts increased. In short, it allows the person to experience all the stages of the life from being a baby to the senior citizen. Building dream property also excites the gameplay for the gamer. Like this, there is a lot that a person can enjoy simulating the real life of the individual.

Requirements of the Sims

The Sims in the game is having their own requirements; there are basically six things which a gamer needs to fulfill. The bars positioned above always required staying green. It signifies the satisfaction level of the Sims. In case the mood is not good then there are chances that they do not go to work and just walk anywhere. At the time when the satisfaction bar is till extent then it will inspire the Sims and motivate them to work with passion and make more of the money and live with comfort. The basics things required to be fulfilled are covered below with the attachment of answer.

Hungry – grab the plate of food or something from fridge

Bladder – go to the washroom

Energy – have a cup of tea or coffee

Hygiene – have a shower or bath

Social – interact with any of the other Sims or pet, getting on the phone is also an option.

Fun – there is various option available like watching TV, checking emails, etc.

Tips to progress

Every symbol which appears on the Sims needy bar can be seen in the store also, it shows that the item is capable of fulfilling the requirement of the Sims and serve satisfaction. It is crucial for the gamer to get the satisfaction bar fully green.

Victoria Ray