Art and craft are a major attraction for tourist in several countries. This handmade creativity makes us wonder about the capability of the humans. Many are equipped with the beautiful imagination that they put up in their art and craft products.

To help an individual grow in this field several institutions have started a course to enhance the growth of these individuals and make them recognized worldwide. The whole art and crafts is a skill of hands that is powered by imagination. Here are some of the types of art and crafts that are popular word wide.

Textile crafts

These are the types of craft that are made with the help of yarn to give products an interesting look. Some also use fabric and surface designing to decorate a cloth and make it look more attractive. Popular examples of these are knitting, appliqué, dyeing, among the rest. The end products could be anything such as

  • Winter clothes, summer t-shirts, tablecloth or
  • Decorative items like letters hanger, wall hanging, baby toys etc.

The person has to think of a design and print it on the cloth.

Paper crafts

These crafts are related to paper. There are different designs that are made from different probes. Like for example, thread printing. In this, you need a thread dipped in ink and have to place it in the paper cover it and full. You will see a beautiful texture in the paper. The designs can be made with anything random brush strokes, carved potato, handprint etc.

Decorative crafts

This needs a hand of professional having experience. These crafts are used to make decorative furniture, metal craving, spongeware etc. This is mainly used to design several products to output into a decorative product. This also includes making a toy for kids like wood cars and planes to keep it simple.

The crafts can be done by simple equipment however the metal carvings need to be done with the industrial assistance. The furniture decorating can be done at home however the metal legs that you find in most the modern furniture have to be done by an industry. The wall decorating or design also comes into this sector.

Fashion Crafts

These are the crafts that used to make humans fashionable. This type includes crafting elements like jewelry, shoes, handbags, hats etc. however these materials usually made in big industries but they are several handmade earring and necklaces that are have a very good finishing. These require a lot of effort and precision.

Functional handcraft

These are the handcrafts that can be used for a specific function. There are designed used decorative colors or gilding. Take an example from the past, the pot and pottery are an excellent example. They are still popular and a great way to plant trees or even keeps water. They are available with many designs and structure, which make is very likable. The platters and utensils are also a crafter but the functional crafter. The functional crafters have a wide range of products that they design. They also look into making a design on demand.


This is a beautiful occupation that people take. It’s all about playing with colors and designs.

Victoria Ray