Sophie Rundle is an English Actress born on 21st of April 1988 in England. She becomes an actress in 2007 and still engages with this career.  People know this amazing celebrity for portraying Ada Shelby in the BBC One Historical Crime drama television series called peaky Blinder. Instead of this, she also performed well in her other TV series known as Bodyguard. If you like to see her nude, then check out awesome Sophie Rundle nude photos and videos online. In the Sky One’s she also played the role of Alice in 2017 in Jamestown so you must check it out.

Earlier life of Sophie

If we talk about the earlier life of the Sophie, then she was born in England to Michael and Fiona Rundle. Sophie has two siblings, and both are brothers named as James and Henry. She studied in Bournemouth School for Girls. However, she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in acting from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. In addition to this, you will find her in lots of television series as compared to other movies. Even she loves to play roles in the horror movies such as Small Town Flow that was released in 2007. You can read the reviews about the Sophie of other people online and collect some more facts about her personal life.

Social Media profiles

Sophie is a celebrity, so it is normal to have a social media presence. She is talented, so she also has lots of social media accounts such as Instagram. You don’t believe this that she has more than 80 thousand follower on her Instagram account that are active users. Nevertheless, she also has lots of followers on another account such as Twitter and Facebook, which are handled by herself perfectly.

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