Gardenscapes is a wonderful game which is easily accessible on Android and IOS devices. The game is all about the puzzles which you had to solve for your game play. There are elements which you had to solve whether in row or in column and gain three or more than three elements. You had to complete certain levels, elements and tasks to achieve requisite goals. The certain number of elements are pears, flowers, mystery sacks, and apples and also you can add whatever element you want to require in the game. To know how to add elements in your play way you can use gardenscapes cheats for free, as it becomes a best source where you can easily sort your doubts regarding any matter of game.

  • Unlock new areas

There are different forms of tasks which you had to complete to obtain new areas. You can unlock new areas with the help of stars and coins which are crucial currency of the following game. By the aid of Austin the butler, main character of your game had to build their unique garden with the ability of wide range of items which is received to you when you were able to complete different tasks and challenges.

  • In-game characters

By the aid of in game characters or the characters which can be easily customized by you have the opportunity to develop friendship with them. One can easily follow them on the social sites and network to make lot of friends with characters. If you want to gain lot of cash for your game, you had to play hard levels as playing the hard levels will allot you all which you want to gain for your game.

  • Get additional items

You can also get additional items for your garden areas but play wisely and smartly as one move can change your game. You can successfully complete one or more levels when you easily understand the play way of the game therefore it is necessary that before going to play the wonderful game, let you all know about some interesting facts and detail.



Victoria Ray