The Pixel Gun 3D game is increasing becoming popular game among the users of shooting and battle game. It is a 3D FPS pixel shooter game with advanced features and modes. The shooting game is in cube and clocks. The graphics of game is fantastic where skill of player is everything. The player needs creative skill to create skins of the character and weapons as he like. Mine game with modes and multiplayer levels has come up with lots of stuff such as decors, buildings, backgrounds and many more. Pixel gun 3d gadgets has online and offline playing facilities.

Super features o Pixel Gun 3D game

  • The pixel gun 3D game has tons of new features which are super when player plays the game. These are:
    • Royale battle – it is the game mode where player can use 4 maps to find out the enemies and the number o player is 100. The player who last longer in the game mode will win the game.
    • Clan fort – here player has to attacks on other player’s fort as well as defends his own fort. Player can also use clan chests to use many items to reinforce his fort.
    • Offline mode – player can have battle with the zombies or dead walkers.
    • Deathmatch – in this mode player can play more than 11 modes, co-op survival, campaign mode and many more others.
    • Cooperative mode- here player needs to have a team and by cooperation the player wins the game.

Various other factors of the game

The game Pixel Gun 3D has lots of other things to know before playing it. These things are 200 + weapons, more than 30 maps, 40 + gadgets like time machine, energy shield, jetpacks, Alien cat, Robo dog, blasters, knives, pistols, nuclear city, as well as more than 180 skis like zombies, slender, pirate, skeleton, sniper, pretty  nurses and so on.

Victoria Ray