Mafia City is a superb strategic game; it will let you step in the world of crimes & murders. In the game, you can build your Mafia Empire with a team of killers and underworld lords. The game is about to build your city and be The King of town, and run things as you want. Fight with other Mafias gain rewards like gold and cash. With all those rewards, you can buy resources like the hospital, parks, banks & weapons, crew members. You can generate higher gold with Mafia City cheats 2019 it will help you in purchasing resources faster.


In Mafia City, cash and gold are the most important currencies in the game. To unlock new resources & members, you will need these currencies. These resources are easy to unlock; you can unlock them by doing daily missions and attack on enemy locations. To be the biggest Mafia, you need to upgrade all of your resources and crew members. Depend on how much cash you can spend gold; you can customize your town. Upgrade resources faster than ever using Mafia City cheats 2019 way too easy.


There are various types of buildings in the game. You will learn which buildings are more important in-game to upgrade. Every building has a different and specific role than others. Important buildings are mention below –

·               Mansion – while playing you will know, the mansion has a specific role to perform. While upgrading the mansion, you will able to unlock various buildings too.

·               Hospital – Your injured team members will be treated in the hospital. Upgrading hospital you can heal your troops faster and can use Mafia City cheats 2019 for hospital up-gradation.

·               Club – Your troops are trained in club buildings after upgrade crews will be more strong and active.

Victoria Ray