The fact is that marvel itself name is a huge name. Popular marvel studios now have a game too which is growing day by day developed by Foxnext. It is role playing strategic game with marvel heroes and villains. The story is the hero saves earth from the villains of the universe. The characters are too amazing while do combat fighting each other in battle modes. The graphics, sound and story put this game on the top position of role playing category. There are many currencies in the game to unlock many items and characters instead of fighting these currencies can be earned by strike force hack so you can earn more than you have in the game.

Players strength and power ups

In the game concept you have to upgrade your character and make them strong after every battle because it gets hard. So as much as experience points and gold you make sure to upgrade the character. Strength of hero matter the most because that’s how he unlocks new powers and gain endurance to fight more.

Game modes

 The game has epic and unique modes of playing like it has a mode name raid which is available for 24 hours in game. In this you can raid on any place where villains have been hiding and to defeat then you earns gold and experience and from gold you can unlock characters. The gold is hard to earn because takes time to earn but strike force hack can make it easy for unlocking new characters.

Last but not least the challenge mode is online battle between two teams with 5 characters in each team make the battle epic and hard.

Victoria Ray